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Designed for convenience and sustainability.

QUPP features a built-in stirring tab that is designed to stir your drink perfectly.

A hybrid-cup (QUPP) and its stirring tab.

Simply move the tab around to stir your drink,
then push the tab down to lock it in place, or cover with a lid.

Mono-material QUPPs can be disposed of in a paper recycling bin when you're done.

go stirrer.png

By eliminating the need for separate stirrers, QUPP enables manufacturers and brands to reduce production costs, streamline operations, and minimize waste.

QUPP is perfect for restaurants, airlines, vending machines and other food-serving operators looking for sustainable, hygienic and cost reducing solutions.

So why settle for outdated paper cups and separate stirrers when you can enjoy the convenience and sustainability of QUPP?

Contact us if you want to stop making / buying or throwing-away stirrers.

an image of a QUPP branded hybrid-cup

Want to know more?

Learn more about QUPP in the product page

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