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Production & supply of disposables is a repeating process.

This is why even a recyclable product can be a lot more sustainable, if it's made
simpler to produce and to supply.

Sustainability is not about the material.

While a single wooden stirrer is not a threat to the environment, the massive production and supply chains that operate behind the scenes - are a threat.

With QUPP this entire production line is replaced with just one machine.

Cup and stirrers.png

Using stir sticks:

image of QUPP

Using QUPP:

Get more for less, at every step.

More sustainability - from production to post-use.
hygiene in serving.
More bra
nd value.


QUPP's production requires LESS raw-material, LESS machinery, and no extra workers.

Being served, QUPP offers a convenient and hygienic solution that replaces today's unsanitary stirrer bins.
This also means LESS maintenance on the serving counter.

QUPP reduces at the source - offering sustainability improvements you can actually see, not "green-washing".


A bin of stirrers with residue of a powder that have spilled on the entire content.
Stirrers are exposed...

Stirrers require separate production lines

An entirely separate production line with dedicated machinery & workers is running parallel to the cup production lines.

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